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The course is very well organised combining the speaking, listening, writing, and the grammar aspects of the CAE exam. The teacher made me realise my weaknesses and adapted the course to my needs. Various subjects were put under discussion, which made the course very interesting and challenging. I was very pleased to obtain the CAE certification.

Tom is the perfect teacher. He is always well prepared and he provides new/additional information for every topic. He is patient and explains clearly the grammar points, always giving examples. Tom is very encouraging, and he creates a comfortable ambiance that makes you feel at ease. He challenges me by asking the right questions in such a way that we have an interesting exchange of views.


Communications Consultant

I strongly recommend these one-to-one lessons, as the professor managed to tailor a course for my own needs, providing me with useful sources and exercises in order to improve my English skills in due time. Every minute was well-used, practising my writing, speaking and listening. I got useful tips and tricks about how to avoid the mistakes commonly made within the Brussels international environment.

The teacher is dedicated and very punctual. He has selected good exercises and theory and he has taken into account all my requests regarding the course. He managed to design the right structure for our lessons, keeping a balance between writing and grammar, speaking and listening.



What I liked the most is the possibility of tailoring your own course with your needs and requirements, with a very competitive price.

The teacher is attentive and rigorous, but open to opinions and suggestions at any time. He adapts the course perfectly to your level and your learning speed, so you see that you are really improving.


Communications officer

I had a very specific request, namely improving only my spoken English. The course was very useful to me, as it was completely tailor-made. It wasn’t just a course that was the same for everyone. During the first lesson, the teacher took the time to listen to what I expected of the course and what I should or hoped to learn. This helped me to improve my English very fast, and finally helped me to pass the exam I was preparing.

The teacher was very qualified. Not only is he a native speaker, but he also knows how to explain the grammar, which is not always easy for a native speaker. He made the course very diverse, by choosing different topics throughout the courses, which kept it interesting. Furthermore, the course was very structured, as all exercises nicely fitted in. I would recommend everyone who wants to make fast progress take courses at “English Teacher Brussels”.



I have studied only those things that coincided with my demands, nothing undue. My goal was to get 6,5 for IELTS and I’ve done it in a short time! The teacher helped me to understand my weak sides and we balanced these 4 parts of exam very reasonably. He provided real individual attention to me and I appreciate it and I want to continue.

For me he is a standard sample of Englishman from London with his unspeakable sense of humour, inimitable portance, style and attentiveness to details.



I followed the English classes to improve my academic writing skills. This implied learning an advanced level of English. I must admit that the classes were very well prepared and well structured. Although due to my busy and stressful work life I could not find time to do my home work, I still noticed significant progress in my writing skills within a short period of time mostly due to the very dedicated effort of the teacher.

I found the teacher very dedicated and hard-working, always prepared for a lesson offering a variety of tasks and exercises. I would recommend the teacher to anybody who needs to improve his/her spoken or written English.



The course helped me because it was a one-to-one course, so we did what I needed to improve with the subjects I like.

It was really great that I had to speak only in English and not to ask the teacher to help me in French. My teacher is very nice and patient, and he understood directly what I wanted to learn (in my case I wanted to speak and not learn grammar, vocabulary, etc).


Consultant – European Affairs

I really liked the fact that the course was very interactive and that Tom adapted it each time to what I needed or wanted to do. We talked a lot and it helped me to gain confidence while speaking English. I also liked that we repeated at the beginning of a new lesson what we did previously. I think it is really the best way to make progress..

Tom listened carefully to what I needed and was very open to adapt the course. Moreover he was a very nice and open-minded teacher and his explanations were really clear. Thank you for your help. Of course I need to continue practicing but you really helped me to gain self-confidence which was my target no. 1 with this course.