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General English courses for professionals and students. All levels catered for.


The courses are very personalised and specific to your everyday/professional needs. At the beginning of the course a Needs Analysis will be conducted to guide the structuring of the study program. Courses are available for all levels (Complete beginner to C2 level according to CEFR 'Common European Framework of Reference').

A holistic approach to language learning will involve work on the 4 'language skills' (doing): Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing, and the 4 'language systems' (knowing): Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Use of English. In a general English course my preferred method is a communicative one with emphasis on speaking and interaction. Correction can then introduce contextualised 'systems' work for further practice and focus according to the student's needs. Of course, your specific requirements will determine the overall focus and content of the course.

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