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Online Courses

English Teacher Brussels is now offering Online Lessons!

Modern interactive whiteboards and video calling (VoIP) software have brought a whole new dimension to online tuition. You can enjoy all the benefits of face-to-face tuition from the comfort of your own home.

Choose from both our General and Specialised courses and connect with your online teacher today!

Specialised courses include IELTS and Cambridge English exam preparation, Business English, pronunciation focus, and academic & professional writing.

Online courses are currently available Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm, and Saturday 7am to 1pm Central European (Brussels) Time. Contact us today to check availability!

For these courses, we use the platform BitPaper, an interactive whiteboard with VoIP designed specifically for online tutoring. See below to find out more about this platform.

BitPaper is an interactive whiteboard with integrated skype like video calling (VoIP) system that is browser based and is free to use.

To join a class, you simply follow the browser link emailed to you ahead of the lesson and join the session with your teacher.

The whiteboard is interactive meaning exercises can be added, annotated, and completed in real time much like in a real classroom. Additionally, the file sharing feature enables sharing and in-class use of teaching resources. Lesson sessions are also saved, which means you will have a virtual record of each online class.

You will see your teacher’s notes written on the board in real-time. Your teacher will use a pen tablet to ensure accuracy of script. You can also contribute to and write on the board yourself.

Click here to find out more about the platform

Making the most of online tuition

There are a few factors that will ensure your online classes run seamlessly. The main thing being to have a fast internet connection. Test your speed here

Using BitPaper

To use the full features of this platform, you can register for an account using your email or facebook.

The whiteboard is browser based, so will work on PC, Apple, or tablets. The minimum screensize is 768 pixels (the size of a regular sized IPad), so the whiteboard won’t function on mobile phones.

If you are using an iPad or tablet for the lessons, it is best to turn the tablet to landscape orientation.

BitPaper is optimised for Google Chrome for PC and for Safari for Apple.