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Specialised Courses

Exam Preparation

Exams available: Cambridge ESOL exams (FCE, FCE for schools, CAE, CPE, and IELTS)

  • Personalise your study programme according to the exam skills you wish to focus on.
  • Get expert advice and exam tips from your teacher.
  • Work with a teacher who has successfully guided many students through the Cambridge ESOL examinations.
  • Work with official Cambridge ESOL examination preparation materials.

Academic and Professional Writing

  • Focus on writing tasks relevant to your needs; for example, report writing, formal letters, academic papers, position papers, writing minutes, and others.
  • Learn about clause types, and their construction and connection in English.
  • Learn how to use common and advanced punctuation with accuracy and skill.
  • Use appropriate register in formal and informal writing.
  • Expand your knowledge of vocabulary and collocation relevant to your writing tasks.
  • Plan and structure paragraphs, essays, and longer pieces of writing.

Pronunciation focus

  • Focus on the mechanics (mouth positions) to perfect English sounds.
  • Learn about the British English phonetic table and its differences with your first language.
  • Practise word and sentence stress patterns to polish your accent.
  • Learn about the dominant role of weak forms in a British English accent.
  • Discover the role of intonation to deliver subtle shades of meaning.
  • Learn about features of connected speech in English.

Business English

  • Focus on spoken Business English language functions such as job interview preparation, participating in meetings, and giving presentations.
  • Focus on written Business English language functions such as applying for jobs and writing emails, reports, minutes, and other documents.
  • Understand and study the language of business reports, graphs and figures, and other specialised literature.
  • Learn through personalised correction and input from your teacher.
  • Receive a record of the grammar, lexis, and pronunciation points addressed in each class.
  • Receive homework and revision exercises to reinforce learning.

Other needs based courses

Should you require a course focussing on another area than those specified, this can be arranged. Please contact us and we will conduct a needs analysis to cater for your specific requirements.

Proofreading, correction, and editing

This is available on a wide range of documents. Please contact us for more information and a quote.

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One-to-one tuition

Exam preparation€37.50/hr
Academic and Professional Writing€37.50/hr
Pronunciation Focus€37.50/hr
Business English€37.50/hr
Other Needs Based Courses€37.50/hr

Rate is for one hour of teaching. Preparation, marking, and follow-up support are built into the teaching rate at no added cost.

The course fees above are for courses of 10 or more hours booked in advance. For courses working on a pay-as-you-go system, the following fee applies:
From €39,50/hour

Groups: maximum 4 students

Group courses are available at the following price (per participant):

Groups of two€25,00/hr
Groups of three€18,00/hr
Groups of four€12,50/hr
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The courses are very personalised and specific to your everyday/professional needs. At the beginning of the course a Needs Analysis will be conducted to guide the structuring of the study program. Courses are available for all levels (Complete beginner to C2 level according to CEFR 'Common European Framework of Reference').

A holistic approach to language learning will involve work on the 4 'language skills' (doing): Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing, and the 4 'language systems' (knowing): Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Use of English. In a general English course my preferred method is a communicative one with emphasis on speaking and interaction. Correction can then introduce contextualised 'systems' work for further practice and focus according to the student's needs. Of course, your specific requirements will determine the overall focus and content of the course.

General English Tuition Specialised Courses